Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a 100 year long tradition of existence, continual work and legal succession. The Chamber has been established in Sarajevo by the Law on Establishment and Organization of the Chamber of Trade and Crafts for BiH.

In the first Article of this Law, it has been determined such as follows: “Chamber of Trade and Crafts is established with the seat in Sarajevo and will represent the interests of trade, crafts, including mining”, and will cover “the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Constituent Assembly was held on September 14, 1909 in Sarajevo Town Hall, with 58 delegates attending it.

The field of activity of this first Chamber primarily referred to deliberations on the proposals and wishes related to trade and crafts activities; making proposals and giving observations to the Government about trade, crafts, laws and establishment of different institutes for improvement of economy.

The Chamber had public authorizations as well, such as keeping a register of registered companies, issuance of protective stamps, issuing certificates on the solvency of companies, discussing companies’ disputes, etc.

By this Law of the year 1990, the Chamber of Trade and Crafts for BiH had been operating until 1932, when Chamber of Trade and Industry and Chamber of Crafts in Sarajevo and Banja Luka were established by Regulation on Chambers of Trade and Industry.