We at MIA specialize in research, consultancy and partner search for the Central and East European market.

We work with companies of all sizes looking to take their first steps into exports to large corporations with established international presence.

Researching specific markets on a project by project basis. We use our database and our sources in the market to identify a range of contacts, distributors, agents & projects.

Our clients have benefitted from our expertise in the market include Alfa Laval, ABB, Gustavsberg, Daikin, Nokia, Siemens, NCR, Samsung plus many small and medium-sized companies.

About MIA Partner

MIA Partner t/a Global Commerce Eastern Europe is a far reaching and comprehensive group of companies covering business development, consultancy, media, recruitment and publishing. Our UK head office is located in central London and our production and research is located in Bromley and we have a network of representatives throughout Europe.

From the early 1990’s, the economies of Central and Eastern Europe established a record of growth and economic progress that few regions have matched. Emerging from decades of socialism, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia became standout performers in the global economy. Their inherent strengths were unleashed as state-owned industries were privatized and labour reforms implemented, attracting a flood of capital and foreign direct investment that drove productivity improvements and per capita GDP growth




20 years experience in helping companies develop
business in Central and Eastern Europe

industrial worker using a  compound mitre saw with circular blade for cutting metal and plastic

Over the years our Global Commerce Eastern Europe service has changed dramatically to reflect the enormous business and political changes in the region until we have now reached a stage where we can provide our clients with a comprehensive, cost effective and successful service to find the right partner for your company. Our typical service duration runs for twelve months initially, so unlike a short term trade show, we will effectively present your company on a twelve month trade show directly to potential partners in Eastern Europe.

Our company history goes as far back as 1999, which can be confirmed online via Companies House records. Companies House is an agency within the UK Government, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills which is the only, official and recommended data available on all UK companies. To check our company history simply go to the Companies House homepage homepage and search for our company name or registration number. Please contact us directly for further instructions.

Our specialty

We understand that the needs of each company are different, and as such our project is very flexible to fit the requirements of each company.

We provide a comprehensive twelve month marketing operation to develop new business across Central and Eastern Europe