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Client's References

Testionials 1

“We tried several forms of marketing over the years but this has managed to exceed their effects, for which we were pleasantly surprised.”

Testionials 2

“Throughout the year MIA identified a number of suppliers, many of whom we placed orders with and after evaluation, we see as possible long-term partners”

Testionials 3

“Eastern Europe has been one of the fastest growing markets for us in the last years and we are happy to confirm that this is due to a large input of contacts and enquires from MIA”

Testionials 4

“We normally engaged in our marketing through trade shows like Chillventa but were interested in to see the possibilitesi of working this way. Fortunately we reieved a very good retrun on our investment.”

Testionials 5

“Furthermore the lead information provided by MIA, either on direct inquiries or through the database of, proved invaluable to find new clients and partners for our company,”

Testionials 6

“We are working in a very specialised are of business yet MIA was able was able to represent and show our company in a very professional manner”

Testionials 7

“Before stating the project I arrange a meeting at the MIA HQ and met the directors and a number of the team I would be working with. I would strongly recommend the services of MIA to any company looking to develop business in this region.”

Testionials 8

“My dealings with you as well as others at MIA have been very professional and the expectations of results were achieved through the quantity of leads generated.”

Testionials 9

“MIA has provided many qualified contacts (and) we are currently in a process of developing business relationships with a number of these. An excellent ROI especially in time saving costs.”

Testionials 10

“We are very happy with the results to date and are looking forward to a very successful year working with MIA”

Testionials 12

“As we are new to this market we have set ourselves a target to achieve within Eastern Europe. As a direct result of working with MIA we are confident that we can achieve this target.”

Testionials 11

“Our products are specialised and we need distributors with a certain background and so provided MIA with a detailed brief. We soon received a number of very good quality contacts from Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic we find are very suitable as distributors.”

Testionials 13

“Our goal was to expand further our international markets and to establish new contacts within Eastern Europe. The barriers in entering this market were twofold. First was the language … second was the time difference. To have MIA represent us eased these barriers.”

Testionials 14

“We found the service of Mia very useful to help assist our activities in Poland, specifically sensitive in the starts-up phase.”

Testionials 15

“MIA has provided us with many contacts which helped us generate business especially in Poland”

Testionials 17

“Throughout the collaboration we received a number of qualified contacts, some of which we knew and other we did not. Some companies we had spoken to before but not done business with, MIA helped open the door and bring us in close communication. As a result we are having some in depth conversations with some distributors and hope to finalise this shortly.”

Testionials 18

“Since joining the campaign, we have seen a steady number of qualified contacts sent to us regularly. The contacts delivered were detailed with real commercial interest, and MIA helped us to understand better the market potential and offered guidance on how to be successful in the new markets. We received end-user contacts from a diverse array of industries.”

Testionials 19

“Our first year working with MIA has provided us with many good quality contacts from potential partners, one of which we already signed up with and is working very well. There are several others which whom we are continuing our discussions and are hopeful of signing an agreement.”

Testionials 20

“We are now in the second year of our collaboration with MIA, and although we are in a very niche market, the MIA research team demonstrated its competence and knowledge of our business area. They are committed and dedicated to finding new potential partners for our company.”

Testionials 21

“For us, it’s a worthwhile ROI for the first year of our campaign. Due to this success, we are happy to continue with MIA for the second year, and we hope for many years to come.”

Testionials 22

“We appreciate the hard work and huge effort of the MIA Researchers, who during the project demonstrated a good understanding of our products and requirements. The advantage of native language and local presence certainly helped the process. They supported us in helping navigate the decision-making process of larger e-commerce companies.”

Testionials 23

“Although the project has only recently started, we have already seen some good results, and we were able to sign agreements with two distributors from the first list of contacts provided by the MIA research team.”