We know where your customers are. Do you?

Sales contacts for your products as they arrive for a full 12-month period.

We understand that the needs of each company are different, and as such, our project is highly flexible in order to fit the requirements of each of our clients. Once selected we will send you a questionnaire to complete and return. This will inform us as to what your exact requirements are.

We log this information within our research desk to ensure we can identify and target the right customers for your company.


Assisted over 3000 from Europe and USA


Highly specialized Direct Contacts


Central & Eastern European Countries


All Year Trade Show and Full Support


Knowing companies is one thing but do they know who you are?

Your product information on the desks of key decision-makers.

If you are selected as our chosen supplier, we will create either a still A4 presentation or a dynamic corporate technical movie of up to 240 seconds (depending on chosen package) in length to present your company and your products.

This presentation will then reach the desks of key decision-makers across 18 countries in Eastern Europe. In the face of the ongoing pandemic which continues to limit international travel and the possibility of trade shows, it is clear to see that our offer is a great alternative.

Your company presentation will be featured under the relevant section and in the appropriate product classifications on Global Commerce Eastern Europe's website.

Increasing your headcount at our expense.

A hands-on approach.

Our approach is optimised to bring you the best chances of success in your export goals. Our most valuable asset is our skilled team of project managers and researchers.

You will be allocated an industry-specific research team offering support at a local level for the duration of the project. They will establish the timeline for your project allowing you to focus and prioritise your contacts.

They are there to build interest and continuously ensure that the customer understands that you are the first choice for this technology. Their task will be to ensure that all contacts match your criteria. Through decades of market experience we can make a distinction to who are the window shoppers, fraudsters and serious buyers.


Get In Touch

In order to discuss how best we can work for your company in developing business in Eastern Europe, please contact one of our consultants-

Tel: +44 (0)20 7101 0395