The first forum of regions of Belarus and Ukraine in Gomel
or successful penetration into the Belarusian market, profitable investments of capital it is necessary that some intermediary organization would contribute to this aim, render necessary organizational, consulting and informational assistance to a foreign partner. Such organization is the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the oldest foreign economic structure of the Republic.

The Chamber has a status of a public, non-governmental organization, manifesting and protecting the interests of the Belarusian and foreign businessmen which conduct their activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond its boundaries. The main task of the Chamber is to promote the development of the national economy, as well as of the industrial, scientific, technical and trade relations of the Republic of Belarus with other countries.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry represent over 1,900 enterprises, organizations and firms and joint-stock companies of the state and private sector of economy, as well as mixed (Belarusian and foreign ) and 100% foreign capital. Totally members of the Chamber account for more than 80% of industrial production. Practically all of them deal with export-import activity.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes establishment and development of business relations between the Belarusian and foreign businessmen, invites and receives in Belarus foreign trade and economic delegations, individual representatives of foreign firms. To this effect the corresponding divisions of the Chamber provide a full package of services, including visa support, meeting, accommodation, transportation, interpreting services, location of the Belarusian partners, arrangement of meetings and negotiations.